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Gujarat Tourist Places

Gujarat Unveils Vast Tourism Potential through Enchanting Tourist Places

The state has invigorating tourist places that entertain pilgrims, historians, heritage lovers, wildlife explorers and every other category of holidaymakers

  • Dazzling Rann of Kutch: Start the expedition of the vast Rann of Kutch from a small village called Dasada. Explore the enthralling world of limitless salt flats, grassland ecosystems and marshy wetlands. Grab the lifetime opportunities to ride camels, discover Asiatic wild asses and watch gorgeous migratory birds.
  • Junagadh and Patan: Roam in the markets of Junagadh to come across the fascinating gold and silver embroidery and brassware. Patola silk sarees of Patan, prepared painstakingly through spinning, weaving, dyeing and draping of high-grade silk, are truly magnificent. Many other striking arts of handcrafting at different Gujrat tourist places can easily draw anyone’s attention.
  • Modhera and Somnath: Glorious temples of Somnath and Modhera and monuments and step wells across various places in the state are Gujarat’s timeless attractions.
  • Diu-Daman: The dual town of Daman and Diu are bit advanced, when it comes to contemporary entertainment. Beautiful beaches of these two cities offer ideal culmination to every Gujarat tour
Tourist places in ahmedabad

Gujarat?s commercial capital Ahmedabad often takes break from its industrialized makeup and becomes an exciting tourist destination. One of the largest and Indian cities, it has retained its rich heritage while adopting the metropolitan attributes wi...   Read More »

Tourist Places in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar one of most popular destination in Gujarat India Having many tourist attraction, like Velavadar Wildlife Sanctuary,Takhteshwar Temple and Gaurishankar Lake etc...   Read More »

Dasada- Little Rann Of Kutch

Home to migratory birds like Flamingos and Mac Queen?s Bustard, Dasada is a small yet gorgeous village in the Indian State of Gujarat. One can locate the hamlet on the outskirts of the Rann of Kutch. The beauty of the place and facts associated with the village boasted tourism to Dasada. A stay in Dasada will introduce you to many facets of Gujrat. Long stretched sandy desert, marvellous camel ride, cascading streams and rivers and fascinating view of colorful bird and animal species, are some of the marvels you can enjoy during the Dasada ...   Read More »

Daman And Diu Beach

Land of sun-kissed beaches with whisper of palm trees all around, tranquil seashore, majestic forts, magnificent cathedrals dating back to the colonial era, and a rich cultural heritage; Daman and Diu is a paradise of peace and solitude situated along the kilometers long coastline on the Arabian Sea...   Read More »

Gondal Tourist Places

Gondal, once a princely state in Gujarat is a city of forts and palaces built by the Rajput rulers. It is one of the most visited tourist places by international tourists in Gujrat. If you want to have a date with the real cultural heritage of Gujarat, then Gondal is the perfect place to visit...   Read More »

Tourist Places In Jamnagar

Jamnagar, which once used to be a tiny settlement for pearl fishing, is now fondly known as the ?Oyster of India?. A variety of tourist attractions ranging from holy temples, forts, and palaces to serene beaches with contrasting white and yellow sands; and majestic hill....   Read More »

places to visit in Junagadh

Located on the foothills of the Girnar Hills, Junagadh is a historic city with rich cultural heritage in the state of Gujarat. The city is a home to some architectural marvels built by the Babi Nawabs during the period of 1800 ? 1900 AD. Lots of tourists visit Junagadh just to see the Asiatic Lions which are not found anywhere else except the ?Gir National Park....   Read More »

Sasan gir National Park

Sasangir is one of the most glittering jewels of Gujarat tourism. Home to Gir National Park, the last resort for Asiatic lions in the world, this ecosystem accommodates diverse floras and faunas and is adorned with rivers, streams and a rustic rural....   Read More »

Porbandar Tourist Attraction

Renowned as the Janmabhoomi (birthplace) of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama (Lord Krishna?s friend), Porbandar is a culturally rich and historically significant city in the Indian State of Gujarat. Adorned with glittering seashore, sprawling fields, astonishing view of hills and valleys, and sun-kissed beaches...   Read More »

Patan Tourist Places

Patan - Rediscover the Spirit of Ancient Gujarat- Situated on the banks of the Saraswati River, Patan is a historic city located in the state of Gujrat. The ancient fort walls and huge gates of the charismatic city welcome you to entirely a new world of bustling bazaars and narrow city lanes where the sight of people making ?bidis? is very common. Patan is famous for its hundreds of Jain temples and Patola Silk Sarees. Ruins of the exquisitely designed monuments built during the ancient times attract lots of historians and archaeological buffs to this place...   Read More »

Velavadar Wildlife Sanctuary

Gujarat?s Tourism enthrals tourists with its several notable cities, offering an array of attractions including religious places, wildlife and bird marvels and ample natural beauty. Velavadar, a city in the Bhavnagar District of Gujrat aptly paints the picture of an ideal tourist spot decked with world famous National Park and Bird Sanctuary. The city is home to several colourful migratory bird and animal species...   Read More »